Tedlar® films

Tedlar polyvinylfluoride (PVF) film, is a result of years of research in fluorpolymer chemistry. It is a chemically inert, tough, light weight, impervious film that remains flexibel over a wide temperature range. The unique mechanical, electrical and chemical properites make Tedlar an ideal material for many types of surface protection. Tedlar also has very good non-stick properties and is widely used as release film in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Tedlar retains its strength and flexibility within the temperature range from -70ºC up to +110ºC. It has an elongation of over 100% and good wear properties. In the sign industry, Tedlar is used as surface protection because of the weather resistance, UV-resistance and easy-to-clean properties. Tedlar film is supplied in thickness 0,013 up to 0,050 mm and widths up to 1625 mm.
Special product sheets can be obtained