PFA films

FEP & PFA films are non-stick, non-porous, chemically inert protective barrier materials. FEP & PFA films prevent corrosion and product contamination and are resistant to virtually all chemicals and solvents. FEP & PFA  films are FDA approved for direct contact with food and drugs. Weather stability, UV-resistance and 96% light transmission make them ideal for e.g solar collectors. FEP & PFA can be thermoformed, laminated, heat-sealed, die-cut and used as hot melt adhesive or as a moulding release film. FEP & PFA  films are available in two material types; FEP & PFA. Most properties are the same but PFA has improved flexibility in chemical uses and higher temperature limit. Both materials are supplied in thickness 0,013 up to 2,3 mm and widths up to 1500 mm.
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