Fluorplastic products

The history about Teflon  PTFE started the 6th of April 1938 with a young chemist at DuPont Jackson Laboratory in New Jersey when Dr Roy Plunkett worked with cooling gases.
The result from the experiment was a white, waxy substance, the material which DuPont trademarked Teflon .
Properties of PTFE like inert to virtually all chemicals, solvents, low friction, non ageing, high temperature resistance up to +260C  is today used in aerospace, communications, electronics, industrial processes and architecture.


FEP & PFA films

FEP & PFA films are non-stick, non-porous, chemically inert protective barrier materials. FEP & PFA films prevent corrosion and product contamination and are resistant to virtually all chemicals and solvents. Weather stability, UV-resistance and 96% light transmission make them ideal for e.g solar...